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Rep. of Germany
Frequently Answered Question

Q: I am from Sierra Leon.  Can I buy a car from Germany ?

A: Yes, you can.  Buying process is very simple.

Q: I am a private person.  How to buy a car from you ?

A: 1. Call us or send an email.  In email include car make, model, model year, engine and price       you want to pay.

   2. If in stock, we send you details.  Alternative you search through or  and give us the page link or description    

    3. You like the car and price.

   4. We send you proforma invoice.  It will have all information and how to pay.

   5. You make payment

   6. We ship the car.

   7. We send all documents to you via DHL.

Q: I received all documents.  How to release cars from port.

A: We can recommend a custom agent in port.  You take the documents to agent.  Agent will help you pay custom tax and release the car from port.  Some agent charge small fee for this service.  You have to negotiate agent in your country for better price.  Agents are not our company representative.

Q: I live in UK.  I want to send a car to Ghana.  Can you help.

A: Yes, we can arrange buying and shipping car on behalf of you.

Q: I seen a car in another website.  Can you help me to buy and ship.

A: Yes, we can negotiate with seller on behalf of you.  Buy the car and ship.

Q: I am car importer.  Can I access your list ?

A: Yes.  Send us email with company details, company registration no and import licence no.  Then we will send you stock list.


Q: How you ship the car ?

A: Most of the time RoRo (Roll on Roll off).  Vehicle is loaded into Car Carrier (Ship designed to carry car and other type of vehicle).  At destination port ship employee or other people will drive off the car from ship and park in port.

We also ship 6 cars (Toyota corolla size) in one 40ft Container.

Q: My car is very expensive.  Is it safe in Roll on Roll off?

A: Expensive car are loaded to secure section of ship.  It will cost 250 - 300 euro extra.  Ship employee will keep an eye on vehicle.  Making sure nothing goes missing.

Q: How long shipping takes ?

A: It depends on country.  Some country 2 weeks, other 3-4 weeks.

Q: Can you ship my if I buy from other dealer ?

A: No, We can only ship cars that we sell or you send car payment through us to seller (you pay us, we pay seller).

Q: What documents I need ?

A: Common documents.

   1. Commercial Invoice

   2. German Vehicle Registration (Title)

   3. Bill of Lading

   4. Cargo tracking note (Cameroon, Guinea)

   5. Pre Shipment Inspection (DRC, Angola)

   6. Certificate of Origin (Ethiopia, Bangladesh, USA)

Q: When you send me documents ?

A: After ship left Germany.  Shipping company send us documents.  As soon as we receive, we DHL documents to you.

Q: How to make payment for car ?

A: You can pay directly to our bank account.  Also you can send money to our bank account via Western Union.

Q: Do you accept cash ?

A: No

Q: What is your bank account no ?

A: Our bank account no is on Proforma and Commercial invoice.

Any other Question, send us an email or call us.